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Friday, July 10, 2009

Surly in the Morning

Some of my readers may notice that my previous post was uncharacteristically petulant and childishly indignant, but I am feeling cantankerous this morning. Part of that is the fact that I have spent long hours over the last two days continuing my duel with Mathematica, while nary a peep has been heard from their staff since last week (despite assurances of a response this week - even if just to say that nothing had yet been done). Of course, they may respond this afternoon, at which point I will have to offer another apology, but my expectations are currently low. Anyway, rest assured that I do not intend to turn this blog into a tirade of self-righteous whining, but sometimes I am irked and it is relaxing to vent.


sarah said...

Personally, I feel the only thing you needed to apologise for in the previous post was your awful "Harry Potter" reference. Everything else was fine.