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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A New Feature!

While taking a break from my work tonight, I was struck with inspiration. Though perhaps it is the misguided and poorly thought out inspiration of the caffeine-addled mind, I nevertheless decided I would pursue it. In another attempt to increase the interactivity of this blog, I am creating another semi-regular feature: puzzles! I will post a puzzle of some sort (either one I made up or a clever one I had heard) and then in a few weeks I will post a solution. Given that I now have an email address for this blog (, people can send me solutions (or attempts at solutions) there, and when I post the solution I will also post who solved the puzzle (I may also post peoples' incorrect solutions, although I will keep those anonymous). To make things more interesting and in keeping with the ostensible nature of this blog, if people could also send me their reasoning (or at least a brief outline of their reasoning), that would be great. If people have clarifying questions about the puzzle, those can either be emailed to me or left in the comments. In terms of the puzzles themselves, I will try to offer a mixture of subject matters, though the majority are likely to involve mathematics and logic.

Note: Like with my title references, I am going to request people don't cheat and look answers up on the internet. Of course, there is no way for me to enforce my no cheating policy, but once again there is no actual prize (other than pride) for solving these puzzles anyway.


Scott said...

See e-mail (won't leave spoilers here).