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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I see what you did there.... or not. Actually, I'm terribly confused.

I'm sorry, but even for me there is a limit to which I will take being a dork. While I have been known to make a Harry Potter reference or two, I recognize that there is a time and a place for it. This article scoffs at that place and goes barreling into the realm of the inappropriate. I know it's just a random opinion piece, but did she seriously just advocate taking legal inspiration for how to deal with the complicated issue of childrens' rights to autonomy from Harry Potter? As in Harry Potter, a fictional wizard boy whose entire personality and world outlook is written by an adult? For once, I'm not really sure what to say... I'm not even sure whether it's more appropriate to continue this rant or to laugh.


sarah said...

What the hell does that little girl have to do with Harry Potter?

"The fictional story of Harry Potter, then, seems ideal for understanding the real story of A.C., a young person considering the spiritual and physical consequences of her choices." - This is an overwhelmingly offensive statement.

I am honestly disgusted by adult Harry Potter fans, and this just furthers that as direct evidence for why they are not of sound mind.