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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puzzle Number 8: Return of the Oblique Titles

As they seem to be more popular than my other puzzle forms (and they are easy and fun to think up during brief breaks from work throughout the day), I thought I would put up another set of oblique titles for people to ponder while I get my work and studying done. Here are ten more titles of books, movies, and television shows (with a couple that fall into more than one category) that have been obscured by rewording. Have fun!

1.) Every Canine Travels to Space

2.) Strange Peeper

3.) The Soricidae Domestication

4.) Stopping Device, Inventory, And a Pair of Wooden Containers Giving off Vapour

5.) Ritual Starvation and Feeling Enraged

6.) The Sightless Horologist

7.) Story Breakers

8.) Conflict Cudgel

9.) Maritime Marauders of the West Indies: The Profanity of the Dark Mollusk Bead

10.) The Quiet Equine Speaker

Note: Solutions can be found here.