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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Puzzle Number 6: Star Media Quotations

This is a light-hearted weekend puzzle based on a game my research partner and I played last summer while performing the tedious task of mixing electrode paste for our EEG cap. The game my friend and I played was to take turns saying a line from one of the original Star Wars movies (I limited it to those because I had only seen the new ones once each), and then the other person had to try and name who said it, to whom, and what the context was. For this puzzle, I have extended it to include television shows with star in the name. This should increase the difficulty somewhat, although I have tried to pick at least somewhat memorable lines. So, to be clear, the task for each quotation is to name the movie or television show it is from, who is saying it, to whom it is being said, and the general context of the scene. Occasionally, there is more than one context or listener, but those should hopefully be fairly obvious. Also, I came up with most of these by memory, so if I've made any errors, please be sure to let me know. Also, as usual, partial solutions are also welcome.

1.) "I'll make it up to him next year; I promise."

2.) "There are four lights!"

3.) "He is as clumsy as he is stupid. General, prepare your troops for a ground assault."

4.) "Welcome home, Mr. President."

5.) "Yub yub."

6.) "your basic hedonistic predilection for rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection."

7.) "I've lost the fellatus to speak properly."

8.) "sometimes a cake is just a cake."

9.) "Hey, look! I'm an engineer! I can do math!"

10.) "I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss!"

Note: Solutions can be found here.