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Monday, June 8, 2009

Puzzle Number 4: Oblique Title Puzzle

Taking a cue from the enjoyable puzzle I linked to a week and a half ago, I have created a similar puzzle (but with words instead of images). So, the idea is I have come up with a smattering of movies and television shows, and rewritten their titles with synonyms and definitions. So, for example, Cease Living with Great Impact would be Die Hard.

As usual, feel free to send your solutions to me (so as not to spoil the puzzle for others by leaving them in the comments) at When I publish the solutions in a few days I will be sure to mention who solved which titles.

So, here are the rewritten titles:

1.) Best Firearm

2.) Martial Engagements of a Stellar Nature: A Recent Sentiment for a Positive Outcome

3.) Foreigner Against Hunter

4.) Growth Prevented By Legal Restraint

5.) Veritable Sanguine Fluid

6.) The Ruler of the Circles: The Monarch Comes Back

7.) Visual Receptors of a Serpent

8.) Famous Person Hike: Traveler

Note: The solutions can be found here.