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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not My Puzzle

Thanks to Deus Ex Malcontent, I have been pointed in the direction of a fun puzzle put out by Empire Magazine. Called The Cryptic Canvas, you have a painting full of references to fifty films. Most of the films are relatively recent, but some of them do go back a ways. I haven't finished (my girlfriend and I made it to 29/50 before we decided to take a break), but there are some fun ones. You can save your progress and go back to it, so it is well worth having a look at.

Note: I am tagging this post with the puzzle label, but it is not part of the general run of puzzles I have been doing. So, as it should be obvious, I don't expect any emails with solutions. I will be quite confused if I do get them.


jbrydle said...

Got 36. This is addictive.