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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Miscellaneous Announcements

So... the Robots with Organic Brains post still isn't up. As with most posts that actually relate to my area of study, it has gotten bogged down in my brain with a myriad of details and caveats. It is definitely on the list of things to publish in the near future, but I don't know precisely when that will be.

In the meantime, though, I have apparently graduated despite still having to take my last three exams this August. Clearly there has been some sort of confused mix-up (although I did technically pass two of my three courses with outstanding exams just based on course-work, and those were the two required for my program, so I guess it is possible for me to have graduated...), but my profile information has been due for an update anyway. For posterity, I am going to copy the old profile here:
I am in my final year of undergraduate studies pursuing a specialist in computational neuroscience at the University of Toronto. I spent three years studying aerospace engineering before deciding to switch into a science degree, so I might write some posts about aerospace subjects occasionally as well. I am a bit of a dork, geek, or intellectual, depending on one's perspective.
Now I shall replace it with a more up to date profile.


sarah said...

Congratulations :)

Robert said...

that is crazy! and exciting! congrats!

Mozglubov said...

Thanks for the congratulations, but nothing has actually quite changed... I still have to take my last three exams in August and then decide whether or not to go to the convocation ceremony in November... so I guess I jumped the gun a little. Oh well, university bureaucracy is such that sometimes they tell you that you have graduated before you actually get your piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

Yes. bureaucracy has its moments. But for the intervention of a rational Dean, I was to have graduated in the November convocation because I had a second year course in my final year. But the Dean saw the folly of that and intervened and permitted me to convocate (if that is a verb) with my class.