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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding This Blog

Out of curiosity, I recently added a statistics application to this blog. One of the things I just discovered it does is keep track of the keywords to searches that lead one to finding my blog. These results were all-around surprising. The term that came up the most was 'Mozglubov', which sort of makes sense aside from the fact that I honestly cannot imagine why anyone would search for my trans-literated, made-up amalgamation of Russian words unless they already knew about this place. Much more entertainingly, however, were the following:

In the past week:

Five people found the site by searching for 'propulgate'. I had no idea it was such a popular term...

One person searched for 'france diplomacy opening game', and another for 'austria diplomacy allies game'. I hope the advice I gave was good, because I honestly wrote it more for my own amusement than anything else. Since so few of my friends play the game (other than when I manage to force them to), I hardly expected anyone to read my analysis.

Oddly enough, one person searched for, 'hardest life science program at U of T'. I hope I convinced him or her to go into mathematics. Another person searched for '"university of toronto" "class rank"'. I'm not actually even sure how that would bring up my blog, other than my occasional mentioning of U of T.

One person found the site by searching for 'worst logic'. I don't know how to feel about that...

My absolute favourite search, though, was the one person who found this blog by searching for, '"Ancient and Modern Necromancy alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism Denounced" cult'. Yay for the craziness that is Christian Science!


jbrydle said...

The stats are always interesting. My new blog hasn't been around long enough to gather any stories, but by FAR the top two search terms for people coming to the Jolly Bloger are "sudan fuck" and "canadian jailbait". Both, presumably, indicate people looking for location-specific pornography. I'm slightly proud of that.

For the record, neither of the relevant posts have anything to do with porn.

Regan said...

Since the advent of google, I don't bother typing in addresses anymore.

Mozglubov is the key word I use to google your site. I must search for it 5 times a week, more if I'm drunk and looking for a debate.

Sorry about the animal intelligence one petering out by the by, but I agreed with you anyways so it was hard to keep the fire alive.


Robert said...

Yeah, I put a stat counter on my blog when I first started it, and still check it almost everyday to see what people are looking at and how they are getting to my page. It was really fun to watch the statcounter work when PZ Meyers linked to my blog. I was getting like three hits every minute for a good 10 or 12 hours.

The weirdest search terms that people use to get my blog include "douche porn" (because of my post titled: "OHHHH She's a porn star! HEHE! Douche" and "Israel fucking" for my post: "Sorry, but Israel fucking sucks." I must get at least 5 or 5 hits a week from people using those terms.

My favorite thing is seeing what other blogs are linking to your blog, which has given me new blogs to look at.

Anonymous said...

I searched "Ludwig Prandtl Summer Internship". In case you are wondering who reads this blog (or better to say, will read this blog) this is Tetyana :)

Mozglubov said...

So, what jbrydle and Robert seem to be saying is, if I want to boost traffic, I need to make a post with a title that is ambiguously related to pornography. I'll have to think on that one... right now I'm doing research using coupled oscillators as a mathematical model, so maybe something about gyrations?

Assaf said...

That's funny. I can't claim similar wackiness on my blog - it's all meaningful, since I'm so tame. However, one guy did stumble upon it by typing in a keyphrase which was longer that the post:

"two women sell apples on a street corner. one sells 3 apples for 1$ the second sells 2 apples for 1$. putting aside your microeconomics classes for a moment image the following scenario. each woman has 30 apples. if they were to sell their merchandise entirely woman a would make 10$ while woman b would make 15$. total 25$. so far so good"

Yep, that was it.

I'm curious though, how do the rest of your statistics compare to mine?

Mozglubov said...

Assaf, I am curious, how did you find my blog? I too have wondered how people generally find my blog.

Unfortunately, I just installed the code for the statcounter a little over two weeks ago, so I don't have a lot of meaningful statistics to compare with yours. In terms of raw number of page loads per month, I average a little over 1000 per month (I have those statistics for longer because AdSense gives you that information), but I don't know how much of that is from unique readers and how much is returning readers. In the approximately two weeks I have been running, though, I have similar bounce rates to you (76.7%) as well as some unusually popular pages (for some reason, my second post on Diplomacy is the most popular page of my blog other than the main page ( After that come three of my posts on top-down visual processing and my continued post on animal intelligence (although the animal intelligence post is fairly recent, so that might be why it has performed well over the last two weeks... whether it remains popular is a mystery for the future). Why those pages are so popular, I do not know.

Also, Tetyana, it is always good to have new readers. Feel free to chime in with comments.