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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puzzle Number 5: More Oblique Titles

I apologize for the lack of science and mathematics in the last little while (since that is, ostensibly, what this blog is about), but I have been fairly busy with being moderately sick and, when not sick, trying to conduct research at the Institute. To hopefully tie my readers over with a little more intellectual stimulation, here is another set of oblique titles. In order to make this a little more challenging (and perhaps to entice those in my audience who do not associate with the vulgar media of television and film), I have introduced book titles into the mix of film and television show titles. While most book titles are either from relatively recent best-sellers or classics that I would expect the majority of people to at least recognize, I do admit that there is one random smut novel title thrown into the mix just because I find it funny (for the record, I never actually read the book... just hid it in my best friend's backpack in grade 8 as a joke).

Here are the new titles to be deciphered:

1.) The Second Finisher: Day of Giving One's Opinion

2.) The Correct Cost

3.) Thinking Something Grand is on the Way

4.) Deities from the New World

5.) Leading up to a Base

6.) Two Dozen

7.) A Period of Time in Which a Certain Female Acted Naughty

8.) Law Breaking and Retribution

9.) The Vitis Fruits of Anger

10.) Rhythmic Body Gyrations with Lupine Companions

11.) The Inexplicable Nocturnal Canine Event

12.) The Ruler of the Outer Tent Linings

Good luck to all.

Note: Solutions are available here.