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Friday, April 10, 2009

Crunch Time

My readers may have noticed a change in both output of posts as well as content over the recent past. The increase in posts is mostly because writing inconsequential material is a form of stress relief for me (if only writing my assignments had the same response!), while the prevalence of personal anecdotes or quick responses to other content on the internet is because those simply get written faster and therefore get finished before the mounting stress of knowing I'm not working overtakes the stress relief inherent to sitting down and writing. I have several substantial posts started that have been sitting in my collection of drafts for a couple weeks now. The thing is, I have my final project report due this coming Thursday, and then exams starting the following week. I am therefore unlikely to finish anything of any sort of merit in the upcoming little while (but, once exams finish, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed so will likely have a few days of lying around in bed with nothing to do but finish those posts). If you enjoy my questionably amusing anecdotes and other trivial thoughts, however, there will likely be a flurry of those in the next little while as I desperately seek moments of procrastination (like this one). So please bear with me during the end of semester busy period, and the more interesting stuff should be back in a few weeks. I will also continue posting puzzles and quotations (and so far I've only had one response to the most recent puzzle. I know there are more of my readers who are good at word games (Kari... Kim... I'm looking at you two), so send in your solutions by email before I post the solution and you lose your chance at being immortalized in the solution post as a puzzle-solver).