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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Battlestar Galactica, You've Fallen So Far

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert.

It's been a while since this little video came out:

When it did, I remember Battlestar Galactica had gone through a couple rough patches but it was still an amazing show. The miniseries and the first season were exceedingly enjoyable, and the start of the second was good too. All that has changed, now. The show is over, and all I can think is, "What the hell?" Sure, the assault on the enemy cylons' base to rescue Hera was full of action and some exciting minor character death, but then there was almost an hour of pedantic, anti-science, pseudo-religious melodrama. I was really hoping the last episode would save my thoughts of the show, but instead it went the other direction. Am I alone in my disappointment?


Jolly Bloger said...

Not at all. I was extremely disappointed as well. I can't imagine how they thought it was a good idea. Perhaps the general populace is sympathetic to the whole Frankenstein, "science run amok" thing, but scifi fans, I imagine, are far more pro-science and pro-progress.

Robert said...

I agree with you. I still enjoyed the show all the way through, but was annoyed with the heavy religious aspects of it toward the end. The miniseries was completely amazing though. Some of the best tv I have ever seen I think

cornucrapia said...

Hey! How about a little spoiler alert? Some of us aren't up to speed!

Mozglubov said...

Sorry, I will add that in.