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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"It's Alive"

I know I've been mentioning a plan to do some posts about my fourth year project for a while now but have yet to actually put something up. Well, this still won't be anything substantive, but I did want to make a guardedly excited post to commemorate the "It's alive" moment my simulated robots had tonight when I finally integrated their control network with the main environment function (effectively turning their brains on). There are clearly still some bugs to work out since, so far, five of the seven simulations I've run have seen the single robot awkwardly wobble toward the wall before finally running into it and 'dying'. I would upload some videos if it weren't so sadly pathetic (and I still haven't gotten around to learning how to use the software I downloaded the other day to turn a series of jpeg images into a video). Anyway, over the next couple weeks I need to finalize my work on the project and write my final report on it (a mini dissertation), so during that time I'm unlikely to be feeling up to spending even more time on the bloody thing writing about it here (other than the occasional "I did it!" posts that will hopefully occur). However, once all that is complete, I should be up to the task of finally explaining just with what exactly I have been whittling away the hours for the past two semesters. At that point, too, I should have some results other than some twitching leading up to ignominious suicide, so wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey, son. I have finally figured out how to sort out your personal blogs - okay, it was not that difficult! - and have enjoyed catching up on your news tremendously. Thanks. Love you lots, Mom