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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A brief delay in posts

Despite the fact that I thought this would not be too busy a week, I have been earnestly working on finishing off graduate school applications and making progress on my fourth year project. That has resulted in neglect of this blog, which I thought might deserve some acknowledgement. Within the next two days I plan to post the solution to puzzle number 1 followed by the next puzzle. I have also been trying to figure out how to create a video out of the graphical display generated by my project to upload, but there is no guarantee that I will figure that out by the end of the week (getting the project actually working has a somewhat higher priority). However, even if I cannot upload a video, I should have a post discussing the project in general by the weekend (it's a neat one, with simulated robots).

Also, for those who have subscribed to this blog using an RSS service like Google Reader, you may have noticed a continued lack of advertisements. Clearly, something is wrong with my utilization of AdSense. It's unfortunate, because while I don't actually want to inundate you with ads, I was looking forward to reading the statistics generated by AdSense automatically on the number of people who subscribe to my site. Oh well, maybe I will get the problem figured out in the near future.