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Monday, September 21, 2009

Reference Game Resurgence

I realised that lately I have been rather remiss with the reference game. Since my blogging output has been much diminished for the past month, there is only one new reference:

1.) "What's in a name?"

However, I should also be posting the results from the previous batch. I apologize for anyone whose answers I missed, but I was not all that organized this time around. The answers I did find were from Scott, Robert, and Sarah.

1.) "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot."
This one was known by all who sent in answers, with answers varying from Scott's very thorough:
Picard to pretty much every replicator on TNG, and also Data's service woman on Earth in the final episode. "Well of course it's hot!"
to Sarah and Robert's pithy:
Obviously, that's Jean Luc Picard.

2.) "Bob Loblaw"
Scott knew that this one was the name of one of the lawyers on the television show Arrested Development and that Lindsay Bluth (played by Portia de Rossi) tried to have an affair with him. Since Arrested Development is a favourite show of Sarah's and mine, she sent in (somewhat facetiously) probably the most complete reference answer I have ever received:
I just thought I'd point out that the "Bob Loblaw" reference is from Arrested Development. See, the humour of Bob Loblaw, was not just that it sounded like Blah Blah Blah, but that Bob Loblaw is played by Scott Baio, who was Chachi on Happy Days. Chachi was brought in to fill the gap that Henry Winkler's character, Fonzie, left in viewer demographics as he aged. Henry Winkler played Barry Zuckerkorn on Arrested Development, the Bluth family's original lawyer, who was replaced with Bob Loblaw, because, paraphrasing his own words, 'it was not the first time he had been brought in to replace Barry Zuckerkorn and that Bob Loblaw could do everything that Barry Zuckerkorn could for the Bluth family, plus skew younger, with juries and such'. The humour came from the situation mimicking the situation on Happy Days, where Chachi was introduced to replace Fonzie and appeal more to younger viewers.

3.) "Anonymity is your name"
Sarah is the only one who got this one, knowing it was from Men in Black and said by:
That small old wrinkly guy (His name was actually Zed, played by Rip Torn).
Robert reported that he could hear the voice going over and over in his head, but he just couldn't place it and had to use Google. I applaud his honesty (I have to do that all the time for references... I don't think I'd be very good at my own game).

Now, as promised, I will also give the answer for the 8th reference from the previous set:
8.) "You, sir, are a mouthful"
This was said by the character Tobias Funke (played by David Cross) also in the show Arrested Development. The reason I did not give the full answer in the last set is that he was saying this to Bob Loblaw after Bob told him about posting something to his Law Blog (Bob Loblaw's Law Blog).

I just want to apologize once more for my slow return... it is surprising the number of errands that have to get done despite my lack of classes or a job (of course, many of those errands include trying to find a job, but there are others too like finding a new doctor now that I am no longer eligible to be part of the University Health Network).


Robert said...

That Cadanian health system...forcing you to not have a choice in your doctor! :)

I have seen the doctor 2 twice in the last 6 years because I live in North Carolina and my health insurance is based in Florida. So, I can get emergency care with them, and they will pay 80% of the cost. However, any primary or "long term"care, I need to go back to tallahassee for. As I found out when I broke both my elbows 2 years ago and had to do physical therapy, they would not pay for it unless I came to tallahassee (which, sadly at the time, I could not do) so my parents had pay about 3000 dollars out of pocket. it was annoying. Oh, but enough of my desperation over this country and its health insurance problems...Canada is so much cooler...

If I may digress more, Sabrina and I have often talked about moving to Canada, though we are not sure we could handle the cold...(and I am not sure I could handle being that far away from my Atlanta Braves!) but, I was thinking today that my MPA degree is pretty specific to the US and its political systems, and I do not think I would have a job in Canada. Which is sad. Well, unless someone wanted to hire me as a journalist covering America...

Mozglubov said...

Well, depending on where you go in Canada, I don't think it would be too bad... Toronto is pretty warm in the summer (too warm for me, in fact) and it does have professional baseball (I've actually been to a Blue Jays vs. Atlanta Braves game). Actually, baseball is not particularly popular here, so the tickets are pretty cheap.

Winters are rather chilly, and I'm not sure how you would get around your degree being specifically geared toward the U.S., but the idea of a journalist covering the States isn't a bad idea. Anyway, you should take a couple vacations in Canada to get an idea! Just make sure you do take a winter vacation as well as a summer one...

Robert said...

I plan on it. I want to go see a blue jays game. The rogers center looks pretty awesome. Also, I want to see Niagara falls.

I planned out a trip to Toronto about a year ago with stops along the way (such as, Pittsburgh, to see a Pirates game!) Now I just need time and money

Mozglubov said...

Haha, yeah, time and money are always limiting factors...

SC Kavassalis said...

I think me actually counting as getting your references is almost cheating, because we spend too much time together, I have an unfair advantage.