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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Disconcerting Development

For some reason, the default dictionary for the spell-check available in both Open Office and Microsoft Word does not recognize 'neuroscience' as a word. I normally just ignore my spell-checker when it highlights words that I know to be actual words (like my name), but tonight, for the first time, while spell-checking a document I glanced at the suggested words box before I hit 'ignore'. To my horror, the first suggested word as a replacement for 'neuroscience' is 'pseudoscience'. Who knew that Open Office's spell-checking program knew how to insult me so effectively?


Robert said...


Get your science sorcery off my internet! and out of my word programs!

Scott said...


Right-click > Add to dictionary. One of these that annoyed me recently was "fluorolube".

Mozglubov said...

Yeah, after I noticed what it was suggesting I added it to the dictionary.

Kim said...

Word recognises neither 'biofuel' nor 'feedstock', so I'm pretty sure it thinks my entire research endeavor is bunk.