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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travel Extensions for Blog Vacation

I know my vacation was technically supposed to be over, and I had promised a return to active blogging. However, between flying to BC, visiting madly with some family friends before they left my hometown (they were only there for the cherry season), and then turning around to drive to Calgary to pick up my girlfriend, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and do some proper writing. Combined with the fact that my computer seems to want to act up no matter what operating system I use, and even when I do get a moment to sit down and do some work it is usually trying to figure out how to fix some lack of functionality on my laptop.

Anyway, excuses are no good... Hopefully I will do a proper return to regular blogging soon, but for now you will have to be patient.


Robert said...

You did not drive from Toronto did you? Cause that is a LONG drive. If you did, did you take a route through the states, or did you stay in Canadian territory? It seems that the path through the states would be shorter. Google maps still tells me it is a 34 hour trip.

That being said, that drive would sound like a great way to see some awesome landscape!

cornucrapia said...

Did you put up a forum post yet? I just found This link that might be worth checking out, something about a bug fix for initializing mobile GPU's, maybe you'll at least get your display to recover. Great seeing you this weekend, and nice to meet your lady friend finally

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