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Monday, August 10, 2009

Study Study Study...

Tomorrow I have two exams - neuroanatomy in the morning and linear algebra in the evening. Studying continues to creep along... I think I am almost done reviewing neuroanatomy (if one can ever be done trying to memorize such an annoyingly large collection of names and functions for nuclei, regions, and nerve tracts), but I still have to badly refresh many of my linear algebra skills.

Similar to my pre-talk stress response earlier this summer, I decided to post some destressing photographs. Rather than simply cute critters, though, the theme this time is interspecies relationships.

A dog and orphaned fawn (source found here).

A house cat and lion cub (source here).

A squirrel and a litter of puppies (I was actually unable to find an informative source for this picture with my very brief search, but it has a referential caption so that is good enough for me).

Time to refresh my memory on the properties of the Jordan Canonical Form (and methods of finding it). Enjoy the pictures!


Robert said...

I like the kitty cat and the baby lion. I wonder, if they grew up together, what their relationship would be when the lions paw is as big as the cat? Would they still be friends? Would they play? Or would they get along with each other, but with the cat keeping a safe distance?

Mozglubov said...

It's tough to say. I know with a lot of dogs and cats who grow up together, they continue to get along in their old age (although the old cat lazies tend to reduce the amount of time that they actually spend playing together) despite the size and muscle advantage of the dog. However, the temperaments of lions and dogs are rather different...