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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The post-stress let-down

I just wanted to briefly apologize for my lack of recent activity. I took my last exam on Thursday, so now I am completely finished with school work (at least undergraduate work) and mostly devoid of responsibilities (I still need to arrange tickets to go back to British Columbia and visit the family and a few other errands, but for the most part my life is suddenly much less complicated). That should in theory mean I would let loose with a barrage of blog activity, but I think I actually just need a couple days to unwind. So, thinks are going to probably be quiet for a few more days around here while I take a vacation. I have lots of interesting stuff in mind for my return, though: I still need to give an overview of Pawelzik's talk (which means tracking down the notes I took...), I have started putting together a series of posts on computational theory and its relation to the brain, and quite a few other things. As always, if anyone has something they would like me to write about, suggestions are also welcome.


Anonymous said...

As a total aside, I'd love to know what mozglubov means, both literally and also personally. If you have a spare moment that is!