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Monday, May 11, 2009

Ludwig Prandtl Doesn't Want Me?

My recovery down time has not led to much blogging. I am still not entirely thinking clearly, as displayed by the last sentence of my most recent post: "Realizing our tendency to perform processing without consciously realising it..." Not only is it a poorly worded sentence, but I used two different spellings of the word 'realise' within a single sentence. That is quite embarrassing. I have made an effort to fix it, but I still might not be thinking properly. Therefore, I will continue taking a break from substantive posts for a while and instead comment on another development in my personal life.

As I mentioned before, I am going to be studying at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Goettingen, at least according to the series of emails from two of the professors there. However, I also just received an email today telling me that they are very sorry, but I failed to get one of the Prandtl internships. I am now rather confused. What I assume it all means is that during the course of reviewing the applications, the professors who emailed me last week decided he had some extra funding for his department, but Ludwig Prandtl doesn't actually want me. While I should still be going to do an amazing research internship in Germany, it does make me a little sad that it doesn't have Prandtl's name attached to it, especially after I excitedly made the announcement. Anyway, I will keep everyone apprised of the situation as things get more sorted out. Also, even if I'm not entirely up to making well-thought out and substantive posts, I still will try keeping things a little more lively around here in the next few days.