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Monday, February 2, 2009

"Let's talk about sex"

I followed a link from a post over at PZ Myer's blog to an article on differences in male and female sexual arousal. While PZ Myers covered some of the main points (the article still doesn't really explain what it is that women want and it wanders down the shadowy and often unfortunate path of evolutionary psychology's just-so stories), I was rather amused to discover that the research the article was discussing had been conducted at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), which is associated with the University of Toronto. This got me wondering just how they found research subjects for the test. You see a lot of rather strange flyers for psychology experiments around campus, but I have yet to see one for a sex study. I really hope they didn't just pull people off the street, though, because the College and Spadina intersection (where CAMH is located) is a really dirty and skeazy intersection. I'm not really sure why, but the brief intersection of the campus with China Town seems to have spawned a disturbing and highly unpleasant atmosphere. I think drawing in subjects from the vicinity of CAMH therefore might skew the results...

Anyway, I don't really have much to say on this subject. I know I usually try to keep this blog sex-free, but it was an amusing article made even more so by the fact that it took place on the sketchiest corner of the University of Toronto campus, and I therefore decided it was worth noting.