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Monday, February 23, 2009

Arrogant or not, I'm still an idiot

For those of you who sent me email at my new-fangled blog-specific email address and got responses, you may have noticed that my email address wasn't quite so anonymous as it was designed to be... I didn't notice that because Google knew who the account belonged to, they made my name the default "who it's from". So, rather than showing up as from "Mozglubov", it showed up as from me... that should now be rectified, but there are nevertheless a few more people who know my (not so secret) identity. Congratulations! Considering the proportion of family and friends who comprise my readership, though, I'm not really sure why I try to cling to the veil of anonymity anyway. At this point, I suppose it's just habit. Plus, I kind of like the name Mozglubov.


Scott said...


Seriously though, I'm sure a few google-searches would turn up who you are, especially considering some of the people that comment here that /don't/ stress their anonymity.

Mozglubov said...

That's true. I guess what it really boils down it is I don't care if people can trace Mozglubov back to me, at this point I would just rather not have people easily able to trace me to Mozglubov. After all, what if some grad school committee has a giant soft spot for psychology and found some of my posts exhibiting a healthy disdain for the field?

Anonymous said...

What astounds me about this whole new world of blogs, "googling", etc. is that somebody from a graduate school committee would spend the time trying to trace down an applicant. A healthy disdain for psychology should be a notable feature of any applicant especially in the field in which you plan to enter!