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Monday, December 8, 2008

Study Break Quotations

"If ever there was a case of clearer evidence than this of people acting together, this case is that case." - William Arabin, English judge, 1773-1841

"Not in innocence, and not in Asia, was mankind born." - Robert Ardrey, American dramatist and evolutionist, 1908-80

"The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative on the day after the revolution." - Hannah Arendt, American political philosopher, 1906-75

"It contains a misleading expression, not a lie. It was being economical with the truth." - Robert Armstrong, British civil servant, 1927-


cornucrapia said...

I sure could have used that conservatism quote when I was writing my essay on the subject. Where were you 3 weeks ago?

Mozglubov said...

Hah, sorry about the poor timing... still, I'm excited about my first comment on a quotations post!

...I lead a sad life.