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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Humorous Interlude

Seeing the popularity of my last Sci-Fi oriented post, here is a ridiculous video my girlfriend showed me the other day. I didn't realise people did this sort of thing... The main thing I find confusing about the video is how remarkably good the costumes are. They are almost too good to just be random fan costumes... but I'm not sure even George Lucas would sponsor something this ludicrous.


Paul Kishimoto said...

You forget that there are entire regiments of real people who enjoy dressing up as Stormtroopers. I'm sure they have a definitive literature on how to make your own set of prop-quality armour.

If the Empire was supposed to allude to Hitler's Third Reich, are these people analogous to neo-Nazis? Somehow they seem less threatening :)

Mozglubov said...

The fact that they refer to themselves as "bad guys that do good" does suggest a somewhat more altruistic approach to life than that normally espoused by neo-Nazis...

They could very well be part of the group behind the dance competition, however. Well done in the sleuthing department.