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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A quick note of annoyance

I was just trying to watch the December 10th episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart in which he apparently turns his keen political commentary to Canadian politics. It is currently loading, but when watching from the Comedy Network's website, you get advertisements first. The one that showed up for me was an annoying Intel commercial which I have seen before, but it strikes me as even worse each time I see it. It has a young person standing there holding a chip, which apparently "uses less energy and saves my battery". The person then goes on to proudly declare he or she doesn't know how it works, but it's great. Stop and think about that a moment... what do batteries provide? The energy to run your device. Now if a chip uses less energy, what do you think that is going to do for the battery life of your device? It isn't an "and it does this" situation at all... the person is just saying the same thing twice, and then sounding even more ignorant by happily stating they do not care how it works, it's just nice to have such new-fangled technology.

I know it is just a commercial, so maybe I'm being overly rankled, but oh well. That is part of what blogs are for.


Kim said...

Also what blogs are for: using the word "rankled".

Anonymous said...

It's a redundancy. There is a better word for it, but my aged mind can't think of it right now. Yours should be able to come up with the word instead of "the person is just saying the same thing twice."

Mozglubov said...

Well, perhaps I could be more eloquent if I put my mind to it (although I cannot think of the word you are thinking of if it is not "redundant"), but this was a quick post... I will endeavour in the future to think more eloquently on my feet. In my defense, though (and as Kim already pointed out), I did use the word "rankled", which is an excellent word that doesn't get used nearly often enough.

Anonymous said...

I hardly paid much attention to "rankled". I suppose it suited the context easily enough. Do blogs mean that you put your mind at rest as you meander along? Surely not when it comes to the use of the English language.