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Monday, September 20, 2010


So, I have left my blog fallow again for an extended stretch. Part of that is because the new academic semester has started with a rush (along with a week-long stretch of the flu that didn't help), but another part is that my personal life has had some important developments as well. This weekend I asked Sarah to marry me, and she said yes. So, that is my big news, and that means I have another big non-blog project starting up... helping to plan a wedding!


Robert said...

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! happy time!!! Very good news! I am happy for you, American style. I look forward to wedding pictures and tales of groomzilla! (bridzilla is a sexist stereotype!)

Also, my challenge word is "schex" which sounds like it might be cool slang for "sex" that is interesting.


S.C. Kavassalis said...

Hmm... your time line is a little off... This weekend wasn't so much the "asking" as it was the finalizing and booking of the date/venue of the wedding! :P

Robert said...

you totally got fact checked!

Mozglubov said...

It was also the technical asking! Before the weekend you had just assumed I was going to :P

S.C. Kavassalis said...

Har har har, Calden. Sounds like you don't want to be invited to this wedding. :P