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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out sick, so a fun link

I seem to have come down with some sort of unpleasant bug this week, which has resulted in me getting very little accomplished. While I feel sorry for myself and wish my immune system would kick in, though, Sarah has gone ahead and made a fantastic St. Patrick's Day webpage full of mathematically oriented humour. Don't feel too badly if you don't get all the jokes, though - some of them are pretty obscure (especially for non-mathies like me). Even if you only get a few of the jokes, though, it's still well worth having a look at.


Robert said...

you said not to feel bad if you do not get all the jokes. How should you feel if you did not get any of the jokes? Totally over my head. :)

Though, and this is an interesting statement about me, and perhaps the general human condition, I did smile (and even slightly giggle at times) while reading the entire page, because it was suppose to be funny, and I had the expectation of it being funny even though I got none of the humor. (though, I think I might spend more time with it tomorrow at work, and click on the links that provide explanation, to see if that helps)

I have not been in a math course for over 6 years now.

And can I compliment both you and Sarah on your amazing vocabulary? It truly is a pleasure to read. A more expansive intellect must come with being Canadian.

Mozglubov said...

I never really thought about it, but I sometimes do the same thing (smiling or chuckling at jokes even if they are made using a reference I don't know about). Have you ever seen the show QI? It's a funny and enjoyable show, but a number of the jokes made by the panelists revolve around British celebrities or regions that I don't know anything about, and yet I still often end up chortling away just because of the way it is said.

Also, thank you for the compliment! Positive feedback is always a pleasure to hear.