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Monday, March 22, 2010


To all those south of the border, congratulations! This is, of course, only the first step on your long road to social justice (and socialism and fascism...). There is still the matter of actually providing medical care for all citizenry rather than having the IRS enforce the purchase of insurance from a private company, but at least some of the more unscrupulous aspects of the insurance companies (such as not covering previously existing conditions) should now be curtailed. Also, I sincerely hope that the collective hernia of all those horrified tea baggers doesn't overload your fledgling system.


Robert said...

Thanks! It was tough going.

Sadly, I think the things that we will most miss are the, we are not like Canada jokes. Boy, us Americans do love talking about how much better we are than you (even though it is not true). We cannot do that now that we have this evil socialized insurance delivered to us via private corporations with health care delivered to us via private hospitals with people making huge profits all along the way. Yep, that even socialism.