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Monday, June 30, 2008


All right, so I have been neglecting my blog lately. I apologize, but things have been busy. In fact, I haven't really made a lot of progress in reducing my work for the next little while, but it is the long weekend here in Canada (especially since the university nicely decided to give today off in addition to Canada Day tomorrow), so one of the things I have to do is catch up with some blog maintenance.

First off, you may have noticed that Scientist Appreciation has disappeared over the last couple weeks. I decided that I wasn't doing it proper justice with a hastily cobbled together paragraph or two. The thing is, when I started it I had plenty of time on Fridays since that was the day of my lightest course load. However, Friday is now one of my busiest days, since I put a full day in at the lab and often have to come home and switch back into software development mode for my weekend job. Anyway, so the point is that I think Scientist Appreciation will start back up in the fall with regular classes.

Secondly, the reason that I have been neglecting my posts is because I started a long refutation of an article that was shared with me now nearly two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I got distracted and that refutation sat almost finished for a good long while... so that will be finished tonight and posted. In the meantime, I wanted to make a couple of stories that made me smile.

This post over at Pharyngula made me proud of my country.

I found this story quite funny.

Anyway, back to the generation of an actual article. Sorry for the long neglect.