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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Risk Intelligence

I meant to post a link to this last week after PZ Myers mentioned it, but then I wanted to try taking the test first which meant my post got delayed and then forgotten about for a few days. If you haven't already had a look at the Risk Intelligence test, though, I think it is worth going to (as far as internet intelligence tests go). The basic idea of the test is that you don't simply answer every statement with a True/False response, but rather with a percentage - 50% meaning you have no idea and think the statement as equally likely to be true or false, 100% meaning you are certain it is true, and 0% meaning you are certain it is false. There are 10% increments in between for all of those pesky facts that you are pretty sure you've heard somewhere else, but you wouldn't bet anything much of value on.

I scored a 78 - apparently that is a rather good score, but not as good as PZ Myer's 83. It would seem that I lack confidence in my responses (judging by the response curve given at the end). Of course, I don't know how much stock to place in any internet quiz, but I still thought it was an interesting project. Plus, whoever put it on seems to be gathering data, so you might be helping out someone's research by taking the test.


Robert said...

I scored a 45. What does that mean exactly? I hit the 50/50 button the most...though I was pretty shocked at how much stuff I did get wrong.

cornucrapia said...

I got 72. That was fun!
Robert -
shows you how to interpret your output. From what I gather if you put 50% for all of them you'd actually score quite high, assuming half the questions were true and half were false, I didn't really check

Mozglubov said...

The link Cornucrapia left gives a pretty good overview of what the results mean. In general terms, if your plot starts above the diagonal, crosses at 50, and then goes below you are generally over-confident. If your plot does the opposite (starts below, then crosses above) you are generally under-confident. If you cross more than once then you are wonky and I'm not sure there is a general meaning...