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Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain: How does he get away with these things?

I am very much confused how the presidential race remains as close as it is. When saying things like "Yippee" or implying a pivotal role in the development of the internet can sink a campaign, how the hell has McCain remained a contender? I remember about a month ago reading a piece on his ten biggest gaffs in a single week in which there was video footage of him joking about finally managing to kill off the Iranians thanks to increased cigarette exports to Iran and another in which he talked extensively on the dangerous situation along the Iraq-Pakistan border, and now today his campaign blatantly jumped the gun in declaring victory in a debate that hadn't even happened yet. It just baffles me...


cornucrapia said...

Two reasons that I can figure, because in general I agree, I don't completely like Obama but by standard metrics he beats McCain handily pretty much all around. Basically I see it as a) A large portion of the American people are sadly racist, stupid, or both, I suppose you could almost consider saying that racists are stupid is redundant, but there are other non-racist ways to be stupid in addition to them. Second, the mainstream media is so interested in being "balanced", by which I mean, keeping things open and controversial so as to actually have a story, that a casual viewing of the news would actually make you think that these are comparable contenders for the highest office in the land as opposed to a young, intelligent, charismatic and paradigm shifting candidate vs. a senile old man
That doesn't even begin to touch on how Palin is treated as a legitimate choice though, I think that might just be a sign that Armageddon is nigh