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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A short note while enroute: Movies!

I am currently in the Calgary airport killing time before my last flight (this one is just a short hop over the mountains to get me almost home... just an hour and a half drive after that. Oh, the joys of coming from a puny little mountain town without a commercial airport). I almost watched two movies on my flight from Toronto, but unfortunately the second one got cut off with only twenty minutes left. Anyway, I finished Vantage Point, which I have to say was a remarkably disappointing movie. It had a few minutes in the middle that were good, but by the end I had a distinctly disappointed feeling.

The second movie I started watching was The Bank Job. It was enjoyable in that it wasn't a typical heist movie (like I originally thought it was going to be) where the whole plot revolved around the job itself, but instead was a much more interesting fictional-historical movie where the main plot had to do with the ramifications of the crime in relation to the multitude of conflicting motives belonging to the different conniving parties. Also, I enjoy Jason Statham as an actor. I'm not particularly sure why, since he has been in some pretty bad movies as well as some good ones, but he has an enjoyable English charm.

Anyway, I'm going to watch some news about the Olympics now, and then go and catch my plane.