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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some quick media reactions

I just wanted to put up some quick links to media I have watched/listened to when I should have been studying.

The first is from the most recent episode of Real Time. I was mightily cheered by this part of his show, especially since I spent four years living in small town western Pennsylvania and being appalled by the general political and religious atmosphere of the place. Perhaps things are changing.

The second is a link to a set of downloads for a conversation between Scientific American and Mark Mathis, one of the fellows behind that intellectual travesty that came out on the weekend (and that I keep linking to the site that debunks its claims). It is kind of difficult to listen to, since Mr. Mathis is fairly slippery, but perhaps I will get to a debunking post later. However, I've wasted too much time already on this.